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7 reasons why a DJ should have a website

A website is one of the most important things you can do to show your presence. The web page should be updated, and it should be relevant content about you as a biography, your topics, sessiones, contact … If you do not have any, should see these 7 reasons why I recommend you the make, you will not regret it.

1. Professionalism


One of the most important reasons in this profession like any other. If you’re not professional, say goodbye to work anywhere, no one will want to hire you.
Within the DJ profession, it is a great point to consider as it will be the gateway for many clients to hire you , and have to carry a good impression of you, so that the page has to be nice, and completely updated advertising.


2. All on one site


If you have to put a link to yours advertising purposes, you can only use one, but customers should have access to all your content. For this serves the website, in one site you have your productions, sessiones, videos, performances, biography, social networks, contact … for everything much easier, and that whenever someone needs something about you, you can go to your website to get it.


3. Unlimited expression


A website is not a social network. While social networks you can only put a maximum number of characters and allow you very little chance of insertion of multimedia files in a web page you can unleash your creativity and write as much as you need to have, putting images or videos on the sides allowing download files … all I could do in a social network, even on Facebook.


4. SEO


A great way to position yourself in search engines like Google or Bing is to create a web page with lots of text and well connected. If you only have user profiles on social networks, your potential customers are going to be harder to find through search engines, and not to mention you do not look for you specifically, but they search among many wedding dj melbourne. In these cases, having a website can make a difference.


5. Global Reach


That’s one of the advantages of the Internet, which knows no borders. Thus, anyone can enter your website from being in your house to the other side of the world, your page will look the same everywhere. Therefore, one point to keep in mind when creating your website is to place a language selector, so you can read the texts anyone.


6. Competing alongside the best


Internet no outlets, no money involved, as unfortunately happens in reality. On the Net all play fair, anyone can manage to have the best website, or anyone can be well positioned in Google, to do no good to have friends in Google, or pay huge amounts of money to occupy the top positions, which in yes actually happens often, as in the great festivals.


7. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

open poster Another advantage that the Net is that never closes, anyone can enter a site, no matter the day or time you enter, so it is a great point to keep in mind that potential customers can find things about you at any time.



If you have decided that you do your website, you have chosen the right choice, the best will go to get a job as a DJ. In another post, I will write some points on how to make a web DJ, what has to be in it … For those who want it create, they can do it the right way, and those who already have the fix for all is much better.

Becoming a celebrity on Youtube is not difficult

How to Become a Celebrity Youtube

Internet superstardom. YouTube celebrities. The (and probably easier) newest way to become famous is through Internet. Specifically Youtube. Independent directors, fans, comedians, actors, producers and personalities have entered the public eye through Youtube, on his way to fame and fortune. Here’s how to become the next celebrity Youtube.

Things You’ll Need



Video editing software / skills

Youtube account

The service buy youtube subscribers cheap


Find your niche. Decide what you are good at. Can you give the news in a fun way. Do you aspire to create a comedy. Youtube offers unlimited possibilities. You can upload videos of literally everything you want. Creativity is the key. Find something you are passionate about and decide how to express it through video.


Familiarize yourself with celebrities Youtube. Have you ever heard of “sxephil”? What about “Fred”? To view the subscriber to users Youtube go. Familiarize yourself with them. Most have to do with information, music, and especially comedy.


Create a user name that is catchy and relevant to your company Youtube / person.”Communitychannel” and “sxephil” are good examples.


Start uploading your site. Show your mission statement, your page biography and his first videos. The actual quality of the videos is not very important, but if bad people are less likely to enjoy it.


Be consistent. Set goals for how many videos you will do and when going to raise them.

Become an active Youtuber. Comment on other videos, choose your favorites, and talk with people. This will become more familiar with the Youtube community while drawing more traffic to your videos.


Announce. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter. Make every effort to get the word out. The more views your videos get, the more it is likely to receive.


Monetize. Putting Adsense on your video pages. Create a website and link to it. Many celebrities Youtube sell their merchandise on their websites as well as having sponsors affiliate for even more money.


Move on to other companies to increase their celebrity. The main users of Youtube offer TV deals, merchandising contracts, etc. Good luck!



The ultimate goal is to get subscribers, unseen. Subscribers bring fans returning to videos, as well as gaining respect as Youtuber. Subscribers are also important if you want to monetize your account. People who see their videos specifically for content are more likely to click on ads affiliates / Adsense or visit their website.

Web sites to train your brain while you’re having fun

To lead a healthy life , we must have a balance between the body and the mind.

If we spend some free time to do physical exercise or sport, an excellent activity to stay healthy and keep the body in a good shape, we should not neglect the training of our brain and mental exercises to improve memory or slow down its deterioration.

Various scientific research reflect certain activities such as Visual challenges, puzzles, crosswords and calculations, contributing to increase mental agility, and as a result help us to improve memory.

These games and applications to train our brain, you can perform both on the screen of our computer, smartphone or tablet will allow us to improve our cognitive qualities, playing and learning.

To do this, you visit 6 websites, that will help you train your brain at the same time that you fun, a perfect combination to enjoy our free time.



On this site, which is in Spanish, you can find various mind games to speed up your mind and train nerve cells.
Each game has several levels and detailed explanations for its operation.
You can play simply as a method to keep your brain in shape or in a more playful way, competing against other users.


It is a site where at the same time that we solve math operations such as adding, subtracting, divisions and multiplications, we are exercising our memory.
Operation and a text field where we have to introduce the result shows. Just indicate the first result begins a 30-second count down, our goal is to correctly solve the greater number of operations before end time.
After 30 seconds, and if we managed to hit a significant number of operations, we can upload our name and score to the ranking of the site, in order to motivate us and be even faster in resolving these simple mathematical exercises.

Games for the Brain

It is another very addictive page, where you can find all sorts of games to train the mind and you can spend hours playing.
Some games you can find are anagrams, sudoku, Minesweeper, ladies, read with speed, etc.


Classic classics, one numerical games oldest in the world, to play on your computer or smartphone Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Chrome, Windows Phone. A so much fun as a complicated game, that invites us to fill nine rows and columns with the series of numbers from 1 to 9, without that recur in the same row, column or sub-grid. Actually, it is a challenge which improves concentration.


It is a simple and addictive game ideal for amateurs to solve mathematical operations of head.
It is an application that displays a series of operations on screen. As we resolve them, increases the time available, always having a clock with countdown that informs how much is needed for our time runs out to resolve.
In the side menu you can specify the type of operations we want to resolve, from amounts to square roots.
At the end of our time, the Web shows the result on screen, indicating if we exceeded the average or not. For this purpose it is considered our personal ranking, which is displayed to the right of the screen. Available for Android.
Do you know any other game to train our brain? If so, please do not hesitate to recommend it.

They spend a good time training your memory, attention and mental agility!

The 20 best movies about hackers

Who does not remember the best movies about hackers? project free tv brings you a collection of 20 movies on the topic of hacker, launch the website to Watch Movies Online Free. Let’s start:

(20) The Net (1995)
First day of vacation of a computer programmer Gets a strange which investigate it. It saves it and discover that it has a key to access the databases protected United States control. At the same time sees how all details of his life contained in computer files are suppressed or distorted.

19) Takedown (2000)
Kevin Mitnick, the best-known hacker in the United States, is on probation because its computer pirateos. Despite everything, Kevin attempts to hack the computer security system invented by Shimomura, a specialist who works for the Government.

18) Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)
Silicon Valley is a region of California where they settle, from the Decade of the 1980s, many new companies related to computer science and new technologies. “Pirates of Silicon Valley” recounts, with real names, Apple and Microsoft companies through its founders principles: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s Apple, and Bill Gates and Paul Allen as the founders of Microsoft. Creators of two of the largest multinational in the world of computers and software today in day, the film shows the beginnings of these young people with enormous talent but not too good character. In addition, this fiction telefilm had some controversy on its release, because it clearly states that Gates and Allen (of Microsoft) copied Macintosh for its Windows operating system.

17) The Matrix (1999)
A pirate programmer gets one day a mysterious visitor… Nothing more should have the synopsis of Matrix. Moreover, if he has not yet seen it, don’t let anyone tell you to what is Matrix. Because much of the worldwide success of this fascinating and entertaining film is based on his original screenplay, amazing idea product of the technological age in which we live. If to this we move together his revolutionary aesthetic – with spectacular and exciting scenes of action never before seen in the gender-, we have why the consecration of this dazzling fantastic tape as the higher end of century cult film. Maybe that it is obsolete in a few years, but by then already nothing will make us forget the day we discover what is Matrix… and that Carrie-Anne Moss inlaid in leather, authentic ice – cold burning-the sexiest heroine of these cyber times.

16) Deadpool (2016)

Watch dead pool online on Movietube.

15) The Conversation (1974)
Harry Paul, a detective whose reputation as a specialist in surveillance and security systems is recognized by his colleagues across the country, receives the assignment by a magnate to investigate his young wife. You must preview your conversations with an employee of the man he seems to be in love. Mission, an expert in its category, is at first glance unexplainable, because the couple does not offer any interest out of the ordinary. However, when Harry ended his work, he warns that something strange is behind the banality that has been investigating, since his client refuses to identify himself, always using intermediaries.

14) antitrust (2001)
MILO (Ryan Phillippe), a young genius programmer, has wood to become one of the best news in the world. From the garage of his home, develops technology that aspire to the largest companies in the world: a revolutionary software that allows the link of all forms of digital communication, through a single power supply. When Milo is about to achieve his dream, receives an offer he can not refuse: money, resources and the multitude of possibilities offered by Gary Winston (Tim Robbins), the head of N.U.R.V., a millionaire and powerful software company, on deck.

(13) real Genius (1985)
Comedieta student with a bit of mess and crazy gags that give rise to a rather indigestible stew”.

12) Mission Impossible (1996)
Ethan Hunt is a superspy able to solve any risky situation with maximum elegance. Part of a competent team led by agent Jim Phelps, who has returned them to gather for a very difficult mission: prevent the sale of a stolen disc containing secret information of vital importance.

(11) The Thirteenth Floor (1999)
Hannon Fuller, a business Tycoon and entrepreneur businessman, died in strange circumstances. His friend and second Board, Douglas Hall, is introduced to a maelstrom of crime and deception when the death of his superior begins to reveal a dangerous double life that moves between two parallel worlds, one in 1937 and one in the present.

10) Swordfish (2001)
Stanley Jobson, a computer expert who has just come out of prison, is required by the terrorist Gabriel Shear so help you decode a complicated code of a secret account. Only a few hackers in the world are capable of performing the job, and he is one of them. Even though you cannot touch a computer, methods of Shear force to Jobson to help him in his mission.

(9) The Italian Job (2003)
Charlie Croker and his gang of thieves trying to get the blow of their lives; done with a truck full of gold, amañando traffic lights of Los Angeles to create more jam never seen in the city. So they rely on achieving a perfect strike and make a getaway without risks.

8) Foolproof (2003)
Kevin, Rob and Sam plan perfect rounds, without the intent to carry them out. A gangster is part of his job and decides to blackmail to make a millionaire robbery, and only his cunning will deliver them from the problem.

(7) eXistenZ (1999)
Framed in the near future, Existenz writes a society in which game designers are revered as superstars and where players can enter organically in those games Alegra Geller is the author of more game, Existenz, a creation where users do not distinguish the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

6) The Score (2001)
Nick Wells is a thief by profession and is close to an almost impossible theft, which will involve joining forces with a young and skillful accomplice. Dubious society is arranged by the former friend of Nick and reducidor, Max, interrupting plans by Nick retire from crime and settle with his girlfriend. This requires that Nick violates one of its most important rules: always work alone.

5) Sneakers (1992)
Martin Bishop, a genius of computers, is the leader of a group of specialized experts to check the security systems of large companies. One day he is forced to work for a secret agency in order to steal a secret black box. After getting it, they discover that the box has the ability to decode all encryption systems existing in the world, and that the agents for those working are not exactly Government.

(4) Revolution OS (2001)
By this film parade many philosophers and founders of these projects. Richard Stallman is the founder of GNU; Linus Torvalds is the first developer behind Linux and Richard Perens, one of the strangest characters have ever seen ever, is the author of the Open Source definition.

3) Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard (2007)
In the United States, the computer infrastructure that handles all types of communications, transport and energy suffers a devastating break by a terrorist group. The brain that lies behind this plot has taken into account even the smallest detail of this devastating plan. With what he had not counted was with John McClane (Bruce Willis), a police officer of the old school who knows a thing or two about how to thwart terrorist threats, the right man for this type of work.

2) Wargames (1983)
David is a young expert in everything related to computer science: skips the most advanced security systems, gets more sophisticated secret codes and understanding the computer as a game. But the game gets complicated when unconsciously connects your PC to the of the Department of Defense American, in charge of the nuclear defense system, triggering a situation of uncontrollable proportions. Helped by his girlfriend and a “genius” of the computers will have to fight time and avoid ever greater global conflict: the third world war.

1) Tron (1982)
A hacker is divided into molecules and transported to the guts of a computer in which an evil program controlled behaviors at your leisure.

We do hope you are interested in the list and don’t forget that you are totally free to watch movies online at, just by a click.

The best sites to see movies and TV shows online for free

The entry into force of the reform of the Copyright Act has forced several of the most powerful web pages to abandon their cause online movies. However, not all administrators of these websites have acted like those, which is now just a social network around audiovisual content . We show in this publication, the top 5 websites for series and movies online.

Under the reform of the Intellectual Property Law, which came into force earlier this year, the websites that have previously been dedicated to collecting links to audiovisual content that could violate copyright should have stopped doing already.But some of them have remained exactly the same way they operated, even with the attendant risk that under current legislation, while others have devised their own strategies to avoid compliance with this reform. Whatever the situation of each, still remain several active portals to offer this service.



Who said that such sites could not keep a really nice interface? If Pordede or have conquered its users, among other things, by the look in the catalog it is shown undoubtedly improve this aspect Series.Mu significantly. Although so far only found links to series, the team behind this project is already working on adding movies. The menus are really comfortable and, as in the case of their counterparts, can keep track of the series in emission, or seen brands such as slope and more.


It is proposed as possibly the best successor to And although it is not the only site that we can use today to watch online movies, the fact is that the configuration of your menus, interface and operation of the website are ideal for users who have recently been forced to seek an alternative to in addition to watching movies online, we can see series and track scheduling them. However, some of the most interesting features are its lists of contents and search filtersprecise offered.

  •, the alternative to with free movies and series.

Project free tv is the number one streaming platform to watch all of your favorite series and tv shows for free. Unlike other streaming services, project free tv is completely free. They provide an online directory for all series and TV Shows, which guide you to links that out link to third party file sharing sites which host the video. Project free tv offers all new shows that have just been released on popular tv networks

His -interfaz- aspect is not as careful as that of, but the truth is that complies perfectly with what we propose, which is basically watching sitcoms and movies online. In the case of SeriesDanko, as its name suggests, the content is limited to series, that are continuously updated through the large active communitythat counts.

cuevana 2

cuevana 2

Its origin is not the same as “Cuevana”, although it might appear a second version of this software for playing multimedia content streaming. Now, thanks to Cuevana 2 does not need any extra software, but simply our web browser, is presented as an even better option. Where appropriate, it offers a somewhat minimalist interfaceand its operation notable for the ease of use features. We found a movie without having to access links, we can see directly in streaming, since the videos are embedded.

yonki series

¿Regretted the huge loss that led to the fall of SeriesYonkis? For in this alternative extension staying a backup of the original version of which they are being introduced daily, new content that keep alive the spirit of SeriesYonkis. In addition, its interface and operation is exactly the same, so if you were SeriesYonkis user is more than likely that this is the option that best suits your tastes.


Seriesly Website, as we knew it , it was already more than 15 days, but thanks to the backup you made ​​some users could stay with us links the community rose to the website so that finally reached the dimension I had. is built on this backup links,and although still being developed and is available almost all links to the series, whilemovies will be next to be accessible. You need us to register, and after doing so we will see that there are many more options to find our series in alphabetical order. In any case, your administrator ensures that there soon will see online movies besides the series-, and are preparing a feature for users to upload new links to content as well as to report and evaluate already available.


Over time these systems have improved greatly and some manufacturers now have options and applications for tablets and mobile phone. I proposed these systems are still valid, but yes, everyone has their hobbies and use them if we are able to find how to tame them. The funny thing is that many systems still pay also have many limitations.

A common mistake when using these programs is to try to make the perfect start projects. Almost all systems have limitations and whether to fit a cabinet be cut [eg 60 cm wide and 55 cm], do not provide solutions. In these cases we can artificially lengthen the wall and the result is almost the same as good. If the kitchen is parallel it is better to make two kitchens and images are spectacular.

Although it is only available in German and English ALNO system is very complete and very good images in 3D with many options of colors, finishes and realistic effects of light in space.

A pleasant surprise is the Rock Dibanext system. This is in principle for bathrooms, but when asked all collections of objects has a very complete kitchen appliances and furniture, you can make some faucet reviews in order to chose the best one. The render of this system are very good. The council simplify cooking several in this case is a good choice.

The Internet age has revolutionized the world of design and applications. The year 2012 will probably be known as the year in which the design software finally began to make massively from Internet servers. In the world of cooking, software vendors are beginning to offer kitchen and Architecture Studies online services from different software, access to object libraries, standards, peculiarities country, etc.

If we study our kitchen, now this is possible from the Internet directly or bajándonos this way the need to project the kitchen directly or at least to assess its possible variants better distribution software.

In this post we give access to various online systems available. Many allow you to design the kitchen directly and even if they use specific furniture manufacturer, today’s kitchens are modular and modules are repeated in all manufacturers in calls standard sizes. Few general systems can be adapted and modified furniture, but we can always look for a valid approach.

Top 10 best blogs about pregnancy and babies

Alberto Ortiz Value

Since it was created which is considered the first blog ( in 1994 from the hand of a Justin Hall, the number of such websites has grown like wildfire until the billions that can be found today. In fact, according to the website Worldometers at 10:30 today had already been published 1,690,000 posts in the world.

In any case, we are interested in Moodelli, of course, those that focus onpregnancy, baby care and children. However, not every blog that covers this subject can be considered a good blog in quality of the content and thematic variety. Therefore, we wanted to dedicate this post to 10 blogs and websites speaking that, today, we consider them as a reference for any mom, dad or dads.
So, take note, because here you go:

1.      OB gyn

When complications arise, depend on Rosh Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Located in New York City, we’re the trusted, caring high risk obstetrician of choice for moms and fetuses. Dr. Daniel Roshan is a graduate of Johns Hopkins Hospital (ranked #1 hospital, Worlds Best Hospital for 10 years and running). We provide all modern medical procedures, complete prenatal care, ultrasound, Amniocentesis, Chorionic villus sampling, Cerclage, laparoscopic surgery, Inutero transfusions and fetal 3D ultrasound all in one place. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment or visit us at the corner of Madison and 36th Street in New York City. Very highly recommended.


2. Babies and more ( bebesymas )

With more than one million two hundred thousand visitors per month according SimilarWeb, it is a complete blog where you can find everything from recipes for children, nutrition in pregnancy, children’s recommended reading, to comment on news related to children. Undoubtedly, this is a must-read blog.


3.  My baby and I ( Mibebeyyo )

It is a portal for moms and moms in which you can find plenty of quality information on pregnancy, childbirth, infant care. Moreover, in this case, this website offers many articles on health, psychology, family , … as well as the option to send queries to responding doctors and other experts as gynecologists, psychologists, nutritionists and all kinds of professionals.

Also they noted for its TV channel , which includes videos with information on many aspects such as pregnancy and childbirth, recipes, etc. Another favorite of ours, you can not not visit.


4. Painting a mom ( pintandounamama )

Another blog that we love. In it you will find a wide variety of posts . From articles on fashion, decoration and crafts, to complete information onchildbirth, breastfeeding, premature babies , etc.

They regard themselves as blog of moms and kids 2.0. Perhaps that is why some of his posts also discuss latest technological developments as my children.

They can also boast of possessing the one Wloggers 2015 prize for best blog of moms. Congratulations girls!


5. Pequeocio ( pequeocio )

Definitely the most fun. In pequeocio’ll find ideas for decorating, crafts for kids, fun recipes, with smaller plans . A good place to turn to when you are already a mom and want to enjoy with your children. Also, if you hold your ideas always surprised.


6. Grow Happy ( crecer_feliz_es )

Nice website also has own app.  They publish many interesting articles on health and care before and after delivery. They also have useful tools such as Dictionary of health, immunization schedule, baby horoscopes, among others.

On the other hand, also try countless questions about baby care, so they can be of great help to address some common questions and to let you know things you might not know about development, food, care … You You love it!


7. For babies ( paraBebes )

Another major. They have about 830,000 visits a month according SimilarWeb.They provide detailed information about each trimester of pregnancy and within each quarter of each particular week to post information on symptoms and course of pregnancy. The same baby from birth to 4 years of age. Every mom should access this website: Really useful!

They also have FAQ section, countless tools and own magazine.


8. We are multiple ( SomosMultiples )

Blog must for parents of twins, twins, triplets, or more! as they say themselves.With articles with information and trivia for such families.

In addition to all the content you’ll find on this blog (which is much much full), give readers the chance to tell their own stories. Check out even have one child. The tips will also be served there and also for couples.


9. The adventure of motherhood ( aventuramadre )

Baby website of El Corte Ingles. Here you can find professional and quality information on the pre-pregnancy and pregnancy and care for the newborn.

In addition, address all aspects that concern you when your baby is born: the poss of weight, bath time, the umbilical cord, crying … They also offer a section with videos matronly talks, tips, etc.

Make them a visit, you will like.


10. Pregnancy 10 ( @ Embarazo10 )

Blog focused on pregnancy (gestation, pregnant health, fashion for pregnant women, …). With very complete and interesting articles , with accompanying images and informative infographics. In addition, some also complement the post informational videos.

Ideal for those moms who are looking for simple explanations of the complex world of pregnancy. We love!


Performance Training Solutions Heavy Equipment Training Center presents online training for crane operators

One of the major exhibitions at the PTS crane training program stand in the fair held last week in Las Vegas was a new programme of training for crane operators online platforms, known as heavy equipment training by PTS.

The online course is interactive and takes about three hours to complete and is intended to replace the theoretical part of the classroom of the traditional operator training. Only participants who answer 100 percent of the questions correctly can print your certificate of completion.

To complete the training, the applicant must attend a live practice session, which can be performed at a local authorized distributors. If the student shows skill and proficiency in the operation of the elevator, your certificate will be signed by the instructor and receive a signed card that proves that it has passed the training.

Mike Samora, director of PTS marketing global, promoter of the online course argues that “Lift Pro training program offers end users the possibility to train at their own pace and on your own schedule. This is unprecedented in the industry, and we anticipate that the program potentially will increase productivity and safety in the workplace”.

maniobra con gruas

Develop software and scanner for foot care


The company NF Medica, belonging to the technological business incubator, attached to the Centre for the management and innovation of the technology (Cegint) at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO), developed a technology that consists of a software that allows to scan the feet to perform medical diagnoses and then give diabetic foot care treatments.
According to Juan Pablo Delgado, commercial director of the company, NF Medica offer is “a business concept to the office or clinic of the medical specialist in orthopaedics, physiotherapy in general, which brings an added value to your inquiry offering a test. In this way the doctor can give a more modern consultation and specialized software helps you have a more accurate diagnosis.”He said the scanner is connected to computer and software to obtain a result between the foot and the type of templates that the patient, which also develops medical NF will require. There are around 50 models of different sizes and hardnesses and they can be customized according to the needs of the patient.

With regard to the software, called NF Medic @, Delgado said it is used with the scanner, called Plantoscan: “capturing data from the patient, accurate measurement of feet, how distributed pressure to step on, and based on that suggests what features should be the template in terms of size and hardness”. At the end the specialists determine if additional modifications must be made.

As for templates, “they are made of a material that makes taking adequate cushioning, which is very important for the foot,” said Delgado, and added that they will also help to that is to “distribute the weight of the person in a correct way; give better support arches, they help to align the bone of the body structure, to the person to stand more upright way and to not tired feet”.

The company’s business model is what Delgado called medical franchise, which is sold to “clinics or clinics of doctors, mainly orthopedists and sports specialists”. There are franchises of the brand in different cities in Mexico and countries like Colombia.

According to Delgado, 80 per cent of the population in Mexico has sooner or a problem in the tread. So the company aims to “resolve, with support from the specialists, the most common problems of the population as flat foot, arches fallen arches, toe out, among others”.

He also said that the process of incubation in the Iteso “has helped us to better structure the work, to give a new image to the company, but above all in the development of software, which is what makes the Technology Park (of the House of studies).